Jordan Devlin is a Scottish-Australian contemporary artist currently based in Melbourne (Naarm). His work looks to infuse the physical and emotional aspects of traditional painting, with a wealth of modern, historic and mythic allusion. The work seeks to present and encourage immediate and introspective experiences, through the collection and transformation of materials and artefacts. Many of the materials used are found discarded in the local environment; the work questions why and breathes new life into otherwise redundant objects. He has shown his work in number of group and solo shows across Australia, including exhibitions at Bus Projects (Melbourne), At The Above (Melbourne), Rubicon Ari (Melbourne), Seventh Gallery (Melbourne) and Good Space (Sydney).

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Creation Myth, 2022 
Clues of Chemical Change, 2021
Pictures & Words, 2019
Crabs In a Bucket, Count The Feathers on a Wing, 2019
Reflection, 2018
Liquid Narrative, 2017
Don’t Wait Until I’m Dead, 2016
Wunderkammer, 2015