‘Creative Myth’
@ At The Above Gallery

29/07/22 – 08/08/22
198 Gertrude St, Fitzroy


Stories shape our world.

Images and stories introduced to us in our youth can have long lasting
impacts on our personal identity. Honouring the childlike wonder within can
help restore and balance our identity in new and positive ways.


Traditional beliefs such as animism, commonly found throughout folklore,
are alive now more than ever. Through contemporary media these worlds of
mythology live in vibrant high definition. Moving from screen to screen and
home to home, these stories and beliefs help us embrace our imagination

and the unknown.


‘Creation Myth’ seeks to navigate the inner and outer curiosity of the individual.

Abstract forms serve as a metaphor for a simpler time –
akin to stone carvings or drawings on pottery.

An unspoken language for people organically interested in similar things:

Art, nature, technology, community, progression.