“Pictures & Words (Second Chapter)”
Jordan Devlin, Vytenis Burokas, Ieva Rojūtė
Curated by: Paulius Andriuškevičius, Nicholas Kleindienst

Opening: Wednesday 30 October, 6 – 8pm
Dates: 30 October – 23 November, 2019

Pictures & Words enquires into the individualism of artistic production through explorations of origins, meanings, and relationships between common literary and pictorial tropes. It seeks to land on the dark side of the imagination, prying into perspectives of identity and the subconscious through links between body and mind. Idiosyncrasies are acknowledged as driving forces in the telling of fragmented narratives, they are celebrated in the exhibition as conduits which allow one to traverse the frontier of the personal and the public. Arranged as a meeting of the personal within collective views, the second chapter of Pictures & Words extends from the first to deepen its contextual relationships with Melbourne and Vilnius.